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Mahabhulekh ( as in Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh is a land record website of Maharashtra State of India that provides 7/12 Utara, 8A (८अ) and property card, Malmatta Patrak (मालमत्ता पत्रक) online to citizens. Mahabhulekh is a site where you can collect information about all the lands in the Maharashtra online. The term 7/12 stands for Satbara Utara which tells you all about Maharashtra lands including legal land owner name, survey number, how much the land cots. It also tells you whether the land is cultivated or not. If the land is cultivated then what is the cultivation purpose. The site also provides information about legal issues with the land, if the owner or the land has loan granted rom bank or not. Lastly it also provides purpose of the loan which is being taken etc.

Mahabhulekh | 7/12 (Satbara) Utara Online
Mahabhulekh | 7/12 (Satbara) Utara Online

Mahabhulekh Satbara Online

You can learn how to access all the data regarding the land in Maharashtra at Mahabhulekh. There are list of things you need to have if you wish to have all the details. In the further part of the article we would list you the same. If you are willing to buy or willing to be a tenant of any lands in Maharashtra, Mahabhulekh portal will surely help you in all your queries and need. We will provide you all the information in a few minutes. Apart from being 7/12 extract or Satbara Utara download, you can also proceed for document like 8A and property sheet (Malmatta Patrak) of the land in Maharashtra who are interested in.

Mahabhulekh 7/12 Utara

First of all in the state Maharashtra there are 6 sections which are listed below and there are 36 sections which are also the districts under the major 8.

  • Amravati (औरंगाबाद)
  • Aurangabad (औरंगाबाद)
  • Konkan (कोंकण)
  • Nagpur (नागपूर​)
  • Nashik (नाशिक)
  • Pune (पुणे)

महत्वाची सूचना: ७/१२ अद्ययावत / दुरुस्ती करणेचे काम जिल्हास्थारावरील स्थानिक सर्वर वर सुरु असलेने तालुके


The required data is provided below which is necessary before you proceed with Mahabhulekh.

  • Section of the Maharashtra land which is in any of the above mentioned 6 district where the land is located.
  • Taluka (List of all the taluka will be displayed once you pick a district).

The next thing you need to do is fill out the following information,

  • Survey Number/ Group number
  • Akshari Survey Number / Group Number
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name

What is exactly 7/12 extract?

The 7/12 document is an extract from the Land Register of any district in Maharashtra, which gives a person complete information regarding a particular piece of land in Maharashtra.  You can get information regarding the 6 districts mentioned above. The documents contains details which are utterly important such as survey number, area, date from which the current owner’s name was registered etc. The list of documents full of complicated terms required for the purchase of properties seems to be too much and never ending. One such document is 7/12 extract. It is traditionally called as ‘Saath Baara Utara’ in Maharashtra.

The document is issued by Tehsildar or the concerned authority of that land. You can use Right to Information (RTI) act to get the copy of the 7/12 or you pay the official fee to get that extract.

Village Form VII which records the details of the owner and his rights + Village Form XII which records the agricultural aspects of the land = 7/12 Extract.

Both these forms are prescribed in the “Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers Rules 1971.”

What exactly is Form 8A (८अ)?

SEC Form 8A is a filling required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from companies seeking to register securities that must be submitted before they can be offered on an exchange.

Mahabhulekh | 7/12 (Satbara) Utara Online
Mahabhulekh | 7/12 (Satbara) Utara Online

Hope you have got all the information regarding Mahbhulekh or you are searching for. If you have any query regarding Online Satbara you can comment in comment box we would like to help you out.

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